A workshop: Development of Women's skills in handcrafts January 2009

-An assignment from Care International Organization http://www.careinternational.org.uk in a training program for the Women of Darfur with the aim of inserting some scientific practical skills that can help in improving the local handcraft products and their productivity.
The need for this workshop was necessitated by the recession of some of the products due to the lack of demand for them in the local market.
Here the artist should be totally aware that the teaching tools are different since the education process itself is different; its not anymore between a teacher and a student but between an Artisan and a micro entrepreneur. The knowledge transfer here requires being very smart and highly skilled all the time taking into consideration that the other party should be seeing in you an enhancer and a developer not a teacher. This allows him to endear and value his product accepting only to add to it or improve it and improve the production means but never accepting its change or replacement.

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