The Magic of Coffee:

For every material in this world there is a birth. Sometimes you use a material without really knowing its origins or who invented it or used it before you.
For art is as old and ancient as history itself as the carvings and paintings found in the caves of the Stone Age known as the Art of the Caves show. At that time the material used for painting was very original, simple and genuine since it was extracted from mother Earth itself and hence was more close to it in the representations.

As every birth has got its circumstances and every circumstance has got its work around instruments my story with coffee was no special.
For in spite of the fact that nature has preceded the human being in time on space but the human being remained and by far the humanizing factor for nature.
The emergence of this material and its development in my work was enforced by a political situation that the country was facing on August 2005 when one of the political leaders died and the country was going through a crisis. All the shops where closed and there was no way to get any kind of chemical colors or material to work with. In the middle of all these troubles “Elisa” the lady who sold coffee at her small desk on the street with a respectable and honorable courage and persistence didn't cease to work. While sitting on one of her small, short, and uncomfortable semi stools (bunber)drinking my daily cup of coffee wondering not what to express but how to express it and with no other way to empty my augmenting worries, flowing imagination and wrestling thoughts it dawned into me to use the rest of the coffee in my cup in the white paper to create my virtual worlds. Like all the experiments that are used to prove science this was an experiment to create art and suddenly this dark brown liquid with its tendency to obscurity became my only way of expression. So I poured the remaining coffee on the white surface and several muddled worlds came into being from which I carefully chose my characters and drew my words allowing the rest to softly and gradually fade into the white background. As every experiment has got a procedure here are the steps for mine.

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