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This is the website of Moniem Hamza.

He is an artist and arts teacher who decided to stay in Sudan in spite of the fact that art wasn't fortunate with the same appreciation that it has in other parts of the world; trying not only to pave the way for other Sudanese and African visual artists but also to teach, develop, transfer, enhance, encourage and enrich the artistic scene with a peculiar, spectacular and very special contribution.

He is a painter, sculptor and designer who believes in arts not only as a profession but also as a message that needs to be delivered to others through his work that creates beauty and liberation and at the same time extracts them from others through involvement and entanglement.

Since he finished the school of fine and applied arts in Sudan Moniem embarked into a long hard journey of crafting art and establishing it firmly into the lives of different kinds of people having a strong conviction inside that seeing art, tasting art and living art is a right for everyone no matter which sector or group of the society he belongs to as much as health and education are rights.

He believed that art is not food for romantic fantasies in luxurious fully satisfied societies where it comes last in the list, but that instead it perfectly fits in the list of priorities and needs not wants and wishes. That it can be part of the solution, an essential one rather than an outcome of an environment where everything is available and there is nothing else to worry about.

Incorporating art and utilizing it for the welfare of the people and their development and awareness was the great incentive behind his several endeavors with different NGOs and UN organizations working in Sudan; day by day constructing art as a reality into the daily life of people, pulling it down from the realm of dreams and putting it into action at their service. Moniem's deep belief in the unlimited human potential that lies inside each one of us and his strong will to unleash it has challenged all the lack of facilities, requirements and training when he decided to go a step further and take art to a different category, to people with special needs starting with Down syndrome. Definitely certain that through this he is not only making a difference in their lives through art but at the same time making a difference in art through them.

With his patience, dedication, and strong will he was able against all the odds and stereotypes using just the mere absolute passion for art of a young student of his who was gifted with Down syndrome to create an artist, Suha Khalil Determination, persistence and accomplishment keep him going and by God's will we will All reach.
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